Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fairbanks 208 On A White County Oil Well

One of the joys of my job is seeing oil wells up close, all over my corner of Southern Illinois. This Fairbanks 208 is running great, and if you watch closely you can see the governor operating the throttle. Great engine music, and the pumping unit isn't squeaking too bad!


Anonymous said...

What a great video. I grew up in Osage County in Oklahoma and still live here. We always heard the sounds of those engines. As we hunted and fished, that was almost always in the background noise along with the cicadas, crickets, frogs and the scream of the red-tailed hawk. That's mostly gone now. No need for a pumper to do daily maintenance on the units. They mostly use electric motors and are turned on and off from a computer on the 50th floor in the Devon Tower in OKC.

Merle Morrison said...

Somehow it reminds me of and old two cylinder John Deere tractor! :)