Tuesday, July 14, 2015

June e-Postal Scores Are Up At Engineering Johnson

The scores are up HERE, and I am seeing a trend. Susan is shooting better than I do. She out-scored me at the last Appleseed shoot, and she has beat me a couple times on Mr. Completely's e-Postal contest. Must be all that good coaching I give her. Our .22 rifles are all zeroed at 25 meters, so when we shoot the Postal we have to hold off on elevation. Consider that when you look at Pattie's score. She uses a rest under the front end of her rifle because she can't hold it up, but I hope that at 91 I can eyeball in my point of aim to allow for elevation correction. If you haven't been to an Appleseed event, the sequence on each of these shots is: Establish Natural Point of Aim, Breathe, Squeeze, Follow Through, and repeat.

Thank You for a great match, Zeke!

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