Monday, July 20, 2015

What Did You Learn At Vacation Bible School And Church Camp?

It's hard to recall all that I learned. I saw a kid nearly killed by a baseball to the throat, but he came out of it OK. I really liked Onward Christian Soldiers and other songs we sang. Teachers get all flustered when someone asks "What's a womb?" and those were farm women! Man's primary purpose is to glorify God. That's the big one. and if a kid goes to Sunday School, VBS, and other church activities, that soaks in. What happens in other cultures? That's a hard lesson that you need to learn. I was visiting with a friend who knows about such things, so I asked him,"How many of the mosques in this country are preaching Jihad?" He gave me a look that made me realize that I had asked a very dumb question. "All Of Them! 100%! That's what imams do" You hear that there are good muslims, and that must be true, but you have to understand that every muslim who attends a mosque is instructed to wage jihad against you. You! When you hear muslim leaders say "Death To America" that means you, your family, your friends, your government. It is not a quaint or funny expression. They want You dead. Here is what kids learn when they go to muslim summer camp, from the UK Daily Mail. You don't have to look for motives; this is what the religious leaders teach the followers of the religion of peace.  (Photos cropped, from the UK Daily Mail)

Click on the Religion Of Peace website link on the sidebar every week and catch up on what muslims are doing around the world. Right now there is a ramadan scoresheet with a tally of the mayhem that has transpired during their holy month. It started out with a bang, with beheadings by det cord, and wound up with the masacre in Chattanooga. The news hacks and the government are not going to inform you, so you must go out and seek this information yourself. Hard times are ahead. Educate yourself.

And Heaven Help You if an imam suspects you are a homosexual.

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Merle Morrison said...

And yet our illustrious leader wants to import more of them!