Thursday, September 3, 2015

e-Postal Target Two-Fer

I'm going to hold off on posting scores for August until after the holiday weekend, so everybody gets to shoot both the August...

...and September contests!

Both of these contests are made for good scores, so have at it and have a good time. Also consider this: The bullseye on the ram target is 3" diameter. At 25 feet, that is 36 minutes of angle. A practiced pistol shooter should be able to hit eights on a good number of the shots. The sweet spots on the September targets are about 1" by 2", or 12 by 24 minutes to make the four 20 spots. Hickok 45 in his videos has his 24" gong out at 80 yards and regularly hits it, even with snubnosed pistols. That is a 30 minute of angle shot. It would be a breeze with a rifle. With a pistol you have to pay extra attention to sight picture, trigger squeeze, and Kentucky windage, but it is entirely doable for someone who knows how to shoot.

Consider the August target again. The rings are 1, 2, and 3 inches in diameter. That is 12, 24, and 36 minutes of angle at 25 feet. We all need to shoot targets like this regularly to see problems in our shooting technique and to become better shots. We all need the practice, so print those targets and go shoot this weekend!

Click the targets for the links to the rules and the pdf's.


Billll said...

It will take you longer to score the September target than it will to shoot it. There's math! Lots of math!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

We learned our multiplication tables and long division in the fourth grade, before New Math, Thank Goodness! Started college way back Before Calculators. I could probably get a good grade in Statistics today.