Monday, August 22, 2016

Bird's Head Vaquero Progress

Fixed-sight guns are a bit different to shoot than ones with fully adjustable sights. I have grown accustomed to making a load that I want, and then adjusting the sights to that load.  The Vaquero got some minor surgery.  I shortened the front sight a bit to raise the point of impact, and I have widened the rear sight to the right with a diamond hone.  It needs a bit more, but it is very close, and I am calling it good enough.  Last week I made some loads with 200 grain cast bullets and a charge of Blue Dot that was a warm .44 Special load.  It shot just a bit lower than I wanted, so I made some more loads with 240 grain cast bullets, and experimented with a couple different amounts of Herco.  This is the one I have settled on.  It is a slightly warm .44 Special load, right in the power range I want for packing around the farm; not for big game hunting.  That's a one inch square, shot with the front sight just a bit above the frame.  The three on the left are with the front sight centered, and the three on the right are with the front sight slightly off center in the groove.  This is at ten yards, with my elbows on the shooting bench.  .44s are good.

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Merle Morrison said...

Most definitely minute-of-coyote! :)