Wednesday, August 31, 2016

So Long, Little Girls

Our little foster Schips have gone to their new home, in a land far, far away; a squirrelless land.  But there are rabbits.  Schips have a reputation of being good rabbit dogs, too.  Too good.  They catch them instead of pushing them in a circle for the hunters. Here we see Barbie spotting a squirrel, and then following it as it goes to another tree.  Missy is interested, and if we had shot out a few for the girls they would be unstoppable.  They are settling into their new digs, and they have another Schip and two Akitas for companions.


Merle Morrison said...

Kind of a bittersweet day, isn't it?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

We had them a little too long, and we miss them and their happy little voices.