Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday Torque: Wright J-5 Joy

Here we are treated to an antique Wright radial engine fresh out of the shop being fired up for the first time.  It starts after one rotation of the prop.  The inertia starter is a great practical application of torque, isn't it?  The comments on YouTube center around all the smoke.  Anyone who has rebuilt engines understands that.  You oil everything as it goes together; so the cylinders, the pistons, the valves and seats; everything is well oiled to protect the engine from corrosion if it sits, and from friction when it is first cranked after the rebuild.  All the excess is burned or blown out when the engine fires up.  I was sort of thinking about that while the man who cranked it stood there waiting for the pilot to kick in the starting clutch.  I think I would have moved.

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Merle Morrison said...

Yep, all of the above comments apply. Also, air cooled engines are built "looser" to allow for additional expansion - as compared to liquid cooled.