Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Got The Game Cams Out

We have been looking at the deer and now we are getting some photos of them.  I have been watching a mama and her two babies for some time, and we have a good trophy buck that I have seen on a couple occasions.  I don't have a picture of him yet, but here are some from the first week of having the cameras out.

This fella is a respectable deer and he has antlers that would entice many hunters.

Nice size.  He has been tearing up some trees and making some good scrapes and rubs.

We have a big family of mothers and babies with no antlers.

This guy needs to go another year or two.  There are a lot of hunters who would take this deer even though he has not reached maturity.

This deer is kind of like a dumb teenager.  I hope no-one wastes an antler tag on him.  He has some growing up to do.


Merle Morrison said...

My guess is that meat hunters won't worry about another year or two of antler growth.
Sadly, in some heavily hunted places, these would be considered trophy grade.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I hope we catch a picture of the big one to share with you. We had a trespasser last night who stole one of the cameras. He must not have heard that the last guy we caught is rooming in Menard.