Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Banging My Head Against A Tree

For many years I have been cutting difficult trees on state sites, and making each one a lesson for the site staff.  I have explained many times the steps to cutting a tree; why we do it the way we do, and how to cut one without being hurt or killed.  So, Monday I was at one of those sites, and this is what I found.  These are classic "Cut the tree on an angle so the stump can push the tree over!" stumps.  I have yet to see a stump reach up and push on the bottom of a tree.  What stumps like this do is either cause the tree to barberchair, putting that tree up in the air so it can drop on you, or letting the tree slide off the stump, when it will decide where it is going to fall, based on how the weight is distributed after it hits the ground.  I have seen people smashed by both scenarios.  Shoulda saved my breath, I guess.

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