Monday, February 25, 2019

Big Chicago Pneumatic, Jerome, Arizona; Gold King Mine

Thanks, Merle!

10,154 Cubic Inches in three cylinders!  I want to see the numbers.  I have been looking at books and at SmokStak archives to see the actual size of this engine, with no luck.  10 grand is a lot of cubic inches.  Run the math on cylinder volumes and I think this is an exaggeration.


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John in Philly said...

I totally agree with the guy filming the engine, that was awesome.
At 2:35 you can see there is a Sharpless Super Centrifuge sitting on the engine catwalk.
The link says the Sharpless was used for cream separation in a dairy, but when the Philly Shipyard reactivated three cargo ships for Desert Storm the main engine lube oil purifiers were Sharpless units.
I have a high tolerance for industrial clutter, but even for me those sheds need just a bit of tidying up.