Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Preoccupied A Bit!

We have several foster Schips in-house right now, so posting and comment moderation are taking a back seat to these young dogs.  They came from a breeder who quit the business, and  we got the puppies.  The adult dogs are with other foster homes. The pups are through their quarantine period now, and we had one neutered this week.  Two will be going out to their new homes in the next few days, just as we are getting them well socialized.   It's a joy!

We haven't had puppies for forty years, but we remember how busy you are when you have pups in-house. I gotta say that the senior dogs we foster are usually a bit easier to keep, but the puppies are a hoot.  All of them like to do Zoomies when we put them in the outdoor pen.

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Merle said...

yeah, trying to keep up with puppies just about gives me a heart attack...... :)