Sunday, July 5, 2020

Socializing The Fosters

Godiva (the blonde Schip) moved upstairs many weeks ago and has made great progress.  She has assimilated into our pack and now we are worrying about hurting her feelings when she moves on to her forever home. Last week we brought Betty Boop (above) and Sisko upstairs.  We move their kennels into our bedroom at night and we weren't sure if we would get any sleep the first night.  They cried for quite a while, and Jack tried to hide in a corner to get away from the noise.  The next night it took just a few minutes, and last night they settled down quickly.  Housebreaking is coming along great, and all three of the fosters respond well to their names.  We will be putting new writeups about these dogs on Midwest Schipperke Rescue's Facebook page this week.  There are always more people wanting Schipperkes than there are dogs, but that allows us to place dogs in the best homes for them.   If you are wanting to adopt a Schipperke, fill out an application with Midwest Schipperke Rescue and submit it to Michele Kasten at Schipnut58 (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Back To The Old Grind!

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