Monday, September 14, 2020

Don't Mow Those Milkweeds!

 You probably know that Monarch Butterflies are in trouble. Monarchs need milkweeds to reproduce successfully, and there just aren't enough of them. The researchers don't seem to know why, and I think this problem began with genetically modified beans that tolerate glyphosate herbicide.  You don't see any milkweeds in bean fields like you used to.  Monarchs prefer to lay their eggs on milkweeds far from the edge, so the roadside milkweeds are not preferred, but that is what they are using at our place.  Leave 'em be.  You can mow those areas after frost when the little critters have moved on.

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boron said...

we've had a lot of city folk (good people, but clueless) move into our area. I don't think they'd know a milkweed from an oak tree: a picture might help (should any of them be reading your article)