Sunday, November 19, 2017

Meet Lisa Marie!

We had an opportunity.  A well respected Schipperke breeder retired 4 year-old Lisa Marie from the show ring.  We made the call and submitted our information so we could be scrutinized, and we are the lucky new family for little Lisa Marie, aka Tumbleweed's Southern Nights, an AKC Champion Schipperke.  I made a long drive over the weekend to meet Lisa's mama, sign papers, and bring her home.  She is already loving country life and long leash walks around the yard.

Still Able, Just Resting

Back To The Old Grind!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gotta Keep It Clean!

We scoop our dog yard twice or more per day. We like it clean so we can walk without fear while we watch and exercise the dogs. Hickory leaves are great camo for what the dogs leave behind, and they have to be dealt with right away when they fall. We have had two big drops, and we will probably have to do one more minor cleanup. The dogs love to walk and roll in the leaves that I've blown out into the driveway.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ruger's Auction To Benefit Wounded Warriors Outdoors

You will have to compete with collectors for this Ruger.  It is a 50th Anniversary Flattop Blackhawk in .357 Magnum that is engraved.  It is not a regular production item.  This will probably be your only chance to have one of these.  It was made in 2005, and it has the smaller frame that was used on the pre-1962 Blackhawks.  This fine revolver will sell mid-day, November 15, 2017.  Click Here to read the full description and to place your bid.  $806.01

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tuesday Torque: Big Double-Simple Rumely

Merle spotted a good one that was shot up at Rollag.  A two cylinder double-acting steam engine has four power impulses in each revolution, and they can make quite a racket under load.

Thanks, Merle!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Marines' Birthday

Back in 1975 the Marine Corps had a tree planting program to commemorate their bi-centennial.  They arranged to have tree plantings at schools around the country, and coordinated with state forestry agencies to get the trees and tools to the schools so the kids could do the planting.  I was involved with one of my good forester friends, and two Marines.   I wish I had written down their names.  One was an officer, and the other was a Sergeant.  Anyhow, I looked on Google Earth and the trees are there.  They are the white pines up on the hill behind the Pikeville, Kentucky Elementary School building.  I bet most of the projects were mowed down in short order by the grounds maintenance people at schools, because any change makes life difficult, and little trees are easy to run over.  Up in the mountains, though, nobody mows the hillsides, and these trees made it!  I am pleased.

Weekend Steam: Old Steam Powered Machine Shop 31

During this visit, David Richards shows his power hacksaw running, some lathe work, and working on an Associated gas engine block.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Rips Our Hearts Out Every Time

Little Bear starts a 1000 mile journey early Saturday morning.  He came to us last summer from a sad situation, and he had some serious problems, but he is ready to move on now. 

Have you ever seen a dog that was so relaxed while having his nails filed?  His only fault is that he likes to go after cats; so he is going to a home without cats!  He likes to walk on his leash, and that is what his new daddy wants to do with him.  I will meet up with a volunteer in Missouri, and then he will meet up with the new parent, who is taking Bear Way-Out-West!  Here are a couple of songs, just for Bear.

It gets dusty when you send a little Schipperke out into the world, so Woody Guthrie's song fits.

Just In Time For Veterans' Day, Hickok Shoots his 03-A3!

I'll probably never have an '03 Springfield, but I always enjoy seeing one; whether it's an early one, or the World War II version.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Trespassers Are No Better Than Common Thieves

One of our friends had his hunt ruined last weekend by a trespasser who slipped into our timber and went up a white oak with a climbing stand.  The guy left before I could get there, but I saw him out by the road waiting for a ride.  I spoke to him, but didn't accuse him of trespassing; just milked him for information.  He lied through his teeth, and said he never was on us.  I looked around and found where he had been. He was 25 feet over the line, which is easy to see.  I'll be looking for him again next weekend.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ruger's Auction To Benefit Wounded Warrior Outdoors

Ruger is offering something rare this week, but maybe not up there in the Collectible category.  It is a P91 Decocker in .40 S&W.  Usually you see these in 9mm, so this one is a little different.  It will sell mid-day, November 8, 2017.  Click Here to read the entire description and to place your bid. $755.58

Tuesday Torque: 5 HP Fairbanks-Morse Hit-And-Miss

Dick Brown displayed this beauty at Pinckneyville during the October 2017 show.  It is a great one for studying the hit-and-miss latch system that was used with many variations on different brands of engines.  I especially like watching the mechanism that blocks the intake valve from fluttering when the engine coasts.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

In The Front Yard

Yup, that's a scrape, right out by the road.  Maybe I'll just go out there and shake some salt on his tail!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Weekend Steam: 38s Over The Mountains

Merle keeps finding good ones for us!  Go to Google Earth and look up Katoomba.  South through the mountains, you come to Robertson. That's where this video is, and it's not what I usually think of when looking for old steam locomotives.  Thank You, Merle!

Are Judges Ever Held Accountable?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Good News; Sad News

Little Bear (above), and Titan will soon be moving on.  Little Bear has  been cleared of heartworms and recently had his dental work done.  Both dogs have prospective homes now.  One is going way east, and the other is going way west.  We are going to miss these good little dogs, but we didn't start fostering to collect dogs.  We do it so homeless dogs can be placed into good homes again.  It's what they and their new families need.

Weather Coming In Tonight

Looking Out Our Back Door