Friday, April 5, 2024

Weekend Steam: Firing A Best Traction Engine

 Merle sent the link to this channel back in December, and we are just getting around to posting it. There are a lot of good channels on YouTube, and MrShoptaw is one of them. Click his video over to YouTube and hit his subscribe button! Thank You, Merle!

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John in Philly said...

That is a large and odd looking machine.

I found a short description at the Caterpillar website.

A longer description from the California Agriculture Museum.

This is the Best Tractor at the Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont, California.,the%20top%20of%20the%20smokestack

This short video show a red Best tractor at around the 0:41 second mark.

I wonder if the height and motion made the operator's seasick until they got used to it.