Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Journey Of The 8 HP Novo

This is an 8 HP Novo engine we bought in Eastern Kentucky many years ago, and stored away, down on the farm in Southern Illinois. The Illinois Engine Guy bought this, and other engines from us in December of 2011, and he has been very busy restoring the old iron ever since.

This project involved difficulties that neither Gary nor I could see coming. There is a crack inside the water hopper that allowed exhaust to blow out into the hopper. Gary tried to weld it by reaching through the top of the hopper, but that didn't work, so he cut an access port in the hopper, performed the necessary repair, then closed the port by welding in the metal he had cut out. Gary will be rebuilding the Hercules water pump that came with this engine, remounting the engine and pump on their base, then putting wheels under the assembly to make this rare beast easier to show.

See Gary's Novo run at the American Thresherman Show in Pinckneyville, Illinois in August 2012.

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