Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here's How To Shoot The e-Postal Match

We have a very light turnout for the monthly e-Postal match, and I'm going to allow another day or two before I post the results, just in case someone else wants to enter.  Check out this example of the right way to nail a squirrel with an open-sighted S & W.
 That makes me downright envious, especially since my targets often look like this:

The eye doctor says that my eyes aren't bad enough for cataract surgery yet, but he's not seeing things from my perspective.

You can shoot the e-Postal with anything you want to enter, and we will sort it out to a suitable class.  I prefer to use mostly rimfire guns, mainly to keep the expense down while I am having fun.  You sure don't need anything fancy just to bag squirrels.  An old friend of ours was born in Tennessee, and he tells about a neighbor family that used a muzzleloader to put squirrels on the table.  Being poor and frugal, they used as little powder as possible to bring down the little rodents.  Well, one of the boys accidentally shot himself in the foot.  The bullet didn't get through his shoe leather, but hurt an awful lot.  I figure they had to finish off the squirrels with a club when they fell.

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