Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Many Rugers Does One Person Need? Improve Your Minimum Ruger Requirement At Reno!

I bought my first Ruger thirty eight years ago, and recent history demonstrates that I'm not done yet. Mom got a late start, but she is catching up fast with me; and as for how many Rugers a person should have, we both say...

...just one more! TWO new Rugers are among the prizes that will go to GBR raffle winners, and there is no reason that you shouldn't be one of the lucky ones. The Rendezvous is just one week away, and it's not too late to reserve a room and head to Reno. If you haven't already registered, do so right away and reserve a room at the Silver Legacy. You are running out of time, so you should probably e-mail Mr. C (blog [at] whidbey [dot] com) to let him know you are coming. You can register when you get to Reno if you go that route.

Mom and I won't be attending this year. She isn't quite up to extended travel yet, so I am going to visit over Labor Day and we will have a few range trips close to home.

That's all the more reason for you to head to Reno and attend the Rendezvous! We won't be there to win all the great raffle prizes this year. Derek, take lots of pictures! We sure will miss seeing everyone this September.

CLICK HERE to see the previous Gun Blogger Rendezvous posts, which are loaded with information about this wonderful annual event. 


Jacqueline J said...

Thanks for the congratulations on Twitter, I'm thrilled to have won the Single 10, revolver is one of my weak areas and I've been wanting to change that.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you and Bea, I hope you had a good time visiting Labor Day weekend. I'm looking forward to meeting both of you next year.

TrueBlueSam said...

It is really great that new faces are coming to the Rendezvous, and that newbies won some of the big prizes. You are going to love your new Ruger, and single action revolvers are great platforms for teaching pistol handling to new shooters.

I saw over on NotClauswitz that the Top Shot was shooting a Hi-Point carbine. It looks like you all pegged the good-time meter this year.

I will be posting a video from NSSF that demonstrates how to crank out quick shots with your new gun.