Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mr. Completely's September e-Postal Contest Is Just A Bit Nutty

You're out on a weekend woods walk with your trusty .22 pistol on your hip, and you lean back against a tree to take a rest, and maybe catch a nap. Looking up, you see an entire crown full of perfect plinking targets, because you happened to sit down under a black walnut tree. You have twenty rounds and you decide to try to knock out ten nuts, and maybe have a little ammo left over.

Here are your rules: Pistols at 21 to 30 feet; rifles at 40 to 50 feet.
Any rest you can utilize for this contest is OK!
Try to tag all ten of the walnuts; hits at the junctions will score two nuts.
You may take up to twenty shots. Each walnut tagged counts as ten points; leftover ammo also counts for ten points each. A perfect run will have a score of 250.

CLICK HERE to print the target pdf, shoot whatever firearms you want to shoot, and fill in the necessary info on the target.  Scan or photograph your targets and send them to truebluetravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com.  The name you put on the target will be the name I post in the results. 

Larger calibers and steady nerves will have a distinct advantage, but this contest is really made for enhancing your .22 plinking time.  Submit your targets by the end of September, and I will post the results early in October.

PS:  The first target line at the Washoe Shooting Range is forty feet from the benches, so Gun Bloggers should plan on shooting this contest at the Rendezvous with whatever rifles are at hand on the first range day.

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