Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Snake Bite Kits!

Our old Cutter Snake Bite Kits have lasted many years, but I have been looking for replacements before the rubber goes bad.  I finally located new ones at the Coralville Scheel's store in Iowa.  We use these little suction devices frequently to pull wasp and bee venom out of our skin, and we have found that they are effective for spider bites, too.  Medical folks have bad words for these devices, but we have had good luck using them to pull out insect and spider venom.  They don't pull nearly all of the venom out of snake bites, but I figure that if you pull out any venom while on the way to the E. R., it's a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Having been "bit", I can attest to the usefulness of a suction device. I got venom on my mouth sucking on my hand and may got more venom that way cause I wasn't bit, just scratched. In the long run, I was lucky. 11 units of AVS kept it from being bad.