Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Steam: Midwest Old Threshers Annual Reunion Begins Thursday, August 30, 2012!

Old Threshers is an annual five day show, ending on Labor Day. They have a brand-new-to Mt. Pleasant-locomotive, just in from the Georgetown Loop (Click) for your railroading pleasure. Veterans get in the gate for half price, and also get to ride the train free of charge on Thursday August 30.

You will see steam engines big and small, antique gas engines, old cars, draft horses, old fashioned entertainment, and you will generally have a great time in the family friendly atmosphere.
Lots of steam engines...
...really nice old cars...'d he get into the race?

They let this thing in the gate?  Oh well, they are having fun, and you will too.

Load up and head to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  Click Here for the Old Threshers websiteClick Here for the Midwest Central Railroad.

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