Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Steam

One of my nephews just had a birthday, and he is approaching an age where he won't want toys anymore, so I splurged and bought him the deluxe Case Steam Roller from George Kester, of Kester Collectables.

George creates little works of art with these engines, and they are something that kids (or adults)  will treasure the rest of their lives.  I'm a little worried about the future of George's little engine business, because he doesn't sell many nowadays.  He tells me that most of the money he makes is spent paying for advertising, and he doesn't make very many sales unless he gets out to the engine shows in the Midwest.

Anyhow, if you have any kids in your family who are overloaded with Chinese junk meant to amuse them, give George a call and order one of these gems.  They are real American made toys that will last a lifetime.

Disclaimer:  True Blue Sam receives no discounts or pay for plugging Kester's Collectables.  I keep George's business listed in the sidebar because I like him and the products he sells; and kids need toys like these.

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