Friday, April 19, 2013

Crankin' It Up?

Yes, you will have a Crank Up. It's uploading to YouTube, and will be done around Midnight. I will post it Saturday morning while I am having my first cup of coffee. You can go to my YouTube Channel after Midnight if you can't wait. We had a busy day. I did some work for the boss, even though I am off on Fridays, and we took two cats and Skip to the vet at the Jefferson Animal Clinic. Bart is the cat who had two strokes that I witnessed, and he had to be examined to renew his heart meds. Hank, a cat who is around twenty years old has been having problems. The most likely explanation is bladder cancer, and we had already made changes to accommodate him. He is a special case, and we will keep him going as long as we can. Skip needed his lepto-parvo-rabies-lodging? vaccine. It is called something like LGBT or Bordello I think. His weight is down from 18 lb. 6 oz. to 14 lb. 13 oz. Carrot snacks and lots of running have really changed the little dog. When he runs hard he looks like a little steam switcher going 80 mph. See you tomorrow morning with Brat Cat and two sides of a 1918 Victor record.

UPDATE:  Here it is:
A couple of nice dance numbers by Joseph C. Smith, from July and September, 1918. Brat was hungry for attention when I came home today, and he jumped up on the Brunswick as soon as I went to the tripod to set up the camera. He's a joy. These songs were recorded before the end of The Great War, so they are definitely pre-Roaring Twenties, but they are a noticeable break from the early Twentieth Century songs.

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