Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daily Shows, All Winter Long

We have been enjoying the comings and goings of geese for most of the winter.   They get used to our activities around the yard pretty quickly, and learn to ignore the dogs, too.

They are either feeding or expressing an opinion of the people watching them.

Last year, two settled in and raised six goslings.  Two have settled again, probably the same ones who stayed in 2012.  The goose family learned that they could walk across the yard, around the house, and graze in the garden, and that was a problem.  Now that we have a Schipperke to provide security around the house, I think that the garden will be safe.

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Julie said...

We've got geese and Mallard ducks all around us; I am looking forward to when their eggs hatch. It is neat to see so many ducklings and goslings at the park.