Monday, July 8, 2013

Not A Garden In Sight

 The boneyard.  Lots of spare parts, and the fence makes them invisible to folks passing by.

Beautifully restored 1969 IH Cub Cadet, with a home-engineered loader on the front end.

It fires right up.  The only part that is not stock (besides the loader) is the custom bent exhaust stack.

The brand new wiring harness was located with an online auction service.  The generator also serves as the starter for the Kohler engine.

I wish I could have taken photos of his very rare, mid-1950's Economy garden tractor.  It was rigged with a hydraulically operated blade for pushing snow, and it looked nearly brand new.  The Economy was parked in a tight little garden shed, and good photos weren't possible.  This lineup is full of restoration projects for years to come.  Like any obsession, One's Too Many, and A Hundred's Not Enough.

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