Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Rio Salado Target Terminators Made It To Southern Illinois!

I hope you all have been reading about the trials and tribulations of the Rio Salado Target Terminators and their journey from Arizona to Sparta, Illinois.  Danno (SandCastleScrolls) and his Sand Castle Son (SmallestConservative) flew out to St. Louis on Tuesday, and the rest of the team, the coach, and two dads made the trip on the road, towing a camper.  Their vehicle threw a rod before they were out of Arizona, and the rest of the journey is the stuff of legends.  Go read about it on Danno's blog.

They set up camp after 11 PM Tuesday night, and they all were ready to shoot Wednesday morning, right on time.  I scheduled time off from work when Danno let me know that they might need the loan of a shotgun, so even though all the team and hardware arrived, I drove over to Sparta to meet the team and see them shoot a few sets.  Out in Arizona they have to be mindful of scorpions and rattlesnakes, but in Southern Illinois we have chiggers, ticks, deer flies, buffalo gnats, and West Nile infected  mosquitoes.  I brought along a bottle of Buggins to keep off the flying pests, and 100% Deet spray for their ankles.  I have never forgotten my first encounter with gangs of chiggers, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

The team from Arizona wound up the day in fine style, meeting the Potterfields (Midway USA) from Columbia, Missouri.  Click over to the SandCastleSon's blog to see the photos.

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