Monday, July 29, 2013

Reborn To Run

The nearest thing to an SUV in the 1920's was a Model T Roadster.  It was lighter than the other body options, and as long as you carried a set of tire chains, you were just about unstoppable. 

When the 1927 model year came out, the T was at its final stage.  It had balloon tires and lower compression than in the early years of production, but it had wire wheels instead of wooden spokes, and the gas tank was up behind the firewall instead of under the seat, so it could climb a hill without having to turn around and back up.  The lack of brakes on the wheels, and lots of room under the fenders allowed it to chug through miles of nasty, rutted mud roads.  It's no wonder that people still love to drive them.

A glimpse under the hood shows that this car is meant to go on the road, and is not for sitting in the garage.  The timer and coils are gone, and a distributor fires the plugs.  An alternator replaces the original generator, and if you look closely...

You don't have to drop to your knees to check the oil!

Pretty neat, ain't it? 

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