Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shootout At Lakewood Marshall's Corral

The Lakewood Marshalls, Cisne, Illinois have their monthly match the first Saturday every month, and it is always fun to drop in and see some of the action.  They are a friendly bunch, and they let me watch, even though I don't have a cowboy hat or boots.  Just like any shooting event, you want to bring eye and ear protection so you can get up close and see what goes on.  I recommend that you use real safety glasses with side protection, because there is some splash-back going on with so many rounds hitting the steel plates, especially if you are trying to photograph the shooters.  Our friend Pine Ridge Jack was shooting black powder in his guns the day this video was shot, and as usual, he gave me more free education during our brief visit.

Jack drops his spent brass into a plastic jug containing a mix of alcohol, Murphy's Oil Soap and water.  All of the black powder fouling is loosened up by the time he gets home, and the final cleaning of his empties is easy.  He showed his cartridge block that he takes to the loading bench.  It has ten holes for his rifle rounds, and two sets of five holes for his revolver cartridges, so he doesn't get crossed up or lose count while he loads.

Here is some of the action you will see at a SASS Cowboy Shoot.  I have cut and moved segments so that you can see the rifle action, the revolvers, and the shotguns together as groups.  The different choices in hardware can be a bit confusing to newcomers.  One of the rifles is a repro of the Colt Lightning rifle, and it is a quick shooter.

 Safety first!  Rifles and revolvers are loaded under supervision... is unloading after your stage is completed.  Jack drops his brass into a cleaning solution when he unloads.
 Jack's cartridge organizer.  It's a wooden block with a leather cover that snaps down.

Little things like this make shooting more enjoyable.

Lot's of neat hardware.

Friendly folks in the town!  They will shoot again the first Saturday in August, weather permitting.  Be There!

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