Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Out Behind The Barn....

...we are finally buttoning things up a bit.  We started on the backside of the barn in 2003, rebuilding rotted framework and re-siding some big open spots.  The back of the barn hasn't had doors since before we moved to the farm in 1980.  That is about to change, and we have the doors built except for screwing tin onto the frame.  Our tin should be in Friday, and our doors should be installed by Saturday evening.  Here is the back of the barn in 2001.

 And today.  The corners need to be closed in, but the frame is good, and most of the siding is good.  The field east of the old barn is now pole size timber.  In '01 it was in the sapling phase, and today it is prime deer hunting cover.  Our friend Troy will be hunting from the old barn this weekend, and I bet he takes home some venison.

This is how it looked out behind the barn in the fall of 2001...

...and this is how it looked in the fall of 2012.  We planted this field around 1990.  I drove our old John Deere B, Susan rode the planter and stuck every tree in the ground.

More Photos from 2001, and 2003:


 '03, Dad passed away in 2005.



 Green Berry and Cora Soper Darsham milking behind the barn about 1924.  Green and Cora signed the papers to buy the home place on September 11, 1903.


Jay Ater said...

Excellent! Its good to see someone actually fixing a barn, most around here are content to watch it slowly crumble into nothing then replace it with a generic pole building.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The neighbors think we need our heads examined. Click on the Barns label, scroll down to the December 2011 post with the barn quilt, and keep going back in time for several posts on the front of the barn. It keeps us out of trouble on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

What a major job! What a fine looking barn today!


The Freeholder said...

Nice work. I'm like Jay, I'd rather see a barn than a pole building. They may be suitable to task, but the things have no soul.