Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey Kids!

How many old appliances can you find in the woods today?

The only things I have found of worth in all my years of looking at old dumps in the woods was a globe for a kerosene lantern, some twenty-five years ago, and a belt pulley for an Economy gas engine.  But, I always look.

I count four; one of them is hiding behind the tree top lying on the ground.


Anonymous said...

Back in the dark ages, when I was a kid, we had a town dump. I found many "treasures" there! The best one was a kerosene railroad lantern, which I still have. It was brand new - never used for some odd reason. I took care of that defect in short order - it was my companion on numerous trips to the "wilderness" behind my home. AHH, the memories !!!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Some poor old brakeman probably passed away, and his family pitched his belongings. I have a few of those lanterns, and I treasure them.