Monday, November 11, 2013

Pre-Winter Shooty Weekend

I had a great weekend with Mom up in Iowa.  We did her Christmas shopping, took care of some yard work, changed light bulbs, and we went shooting a couple times.  Mom shot a pile of guns on the first trip to refresh muscle memory for operating her pistols and revolvers.  She wears out fast shooting double-action-only, but she can empty her LCR a couple times with just the short break to reload.

The next morning we did speed drills, and Mom came home all energized from that.  We set up five targets across the front of the shooting lane, and she did V-drills with her Mk III 22/45 until she couldn't hold it up.  I let her rest for a few minutes and had her do double taps from one side to the other; then we repeated the entire exercise with her 10/22.  She is really getting some good speed now, hitting a target twice and moving to the next target.  She is making pretty tight groups, too, for fast, flat-footed shooting.  
In between the above range trips with Mom, I spent most of Saturday afternoon shooting with my brother, Chester.  We took his Marlin 39 that has been resting in the gun cabinet for more than thirty years, and he found that it shot just as well as he remembered.  I'm back in Illinois now, and it's back to the old grind tomorrow.


Julie H. said...

I couldn't help but smile at the imagery "pile of guns."

Whenever I see/hear "double tap," my mind always goes back to "Rule #2" in a cheesy zombie movie we saw a few years ago:

Anonymous said...

Have you considered getting her a BB/pellet gun for low cost indoor practice? No recoil & less strain on her hands & arms would be a plus.