Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend Steam: Rare Feedwater Pump

 This Minnesota Giant engine is rare by itself, but it has a little secret that makes it a very rare gem, indeed.

This Clark feedwater pump is just about as rare an accessory as you can find at steam shows.  Most engines will have two injectors for feeding water to the boiler.   Many will have a crosshead pump, and some will have a reciprocating steam powered pump, or a gear driven pump. 

I have never seen another pump like this one, and the man who restored this engine had a dickens of a time restoring this engine driven pump; because he couldn't find another complete one in captivity anywhere.  He persevered, and if you go to Old Threshers at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, you can see this rare treasure in use, every Labor Day weekend.  Listen to the video.  You can hear the valves in this beauty clicking away as it performs its calling.

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