Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Emily Gets Her Gun…

...But Obama Wants To Take Yours.  It would be the rare blog-follower who hasn't at least heard of Emily Miller, Senior Editor at the Washington Times, and her documentation of the process to acquire a firearm in Washington D. C. while negotiating the spider web of laws and regulations in our nation's capital.   Miss Miller is practically unique as a member of the mainstream media, because she is also an outspoken and prominent proponent for our rights that are enumerated in the U. S. Constitution.  She has had an incredible journey over the last few years while she labored to become a knowledgeable, responsible gun owner in the hostile D. C. environment.  Emily's efforts are all the more amazing because she knew nothing about firearms when she decided that she needed one, and wanted to obtain one in the most gun-unfriendly city in America.  Her book is a wakeup call for folks who haven't kept up with the shenanigans of anti-gun politicians, and it is a picture from life's other side for gun owners who grew up with guns as part of their life.

My parents and my grandparents were all farmers, and a gun or two was always within easy reach.  Grandpa was unusual in our neighborhood because he kept sheep in addition to cows and pigs.   He never would have been able to keep sheep without his guns because of dogs that would regularly invade his pastures.  Skunks and opossums had to be kept at bay to protect the chickens, and racoons were a pest that would foul stored grain.  The last several years Grandpa farmed, coyotes were moving into his neigborhood, and he would sit out in his pastures on moonlit nights to keep them at bay.  Guns were necessary tools around the farm, and there was no stigma against them or gun owners back then.

Mom's parents and their farm are long gone now, and Mom is living in town by herself.  She doesn't have to worry about varmints raiding her chickens nowadays, but she came to the same conclusion as Emily did; that she needed to be able to protect herself from two legged predators who might invade her home.  A background check by the County Sheriff was all Mom needed in Iowa to obtain a permit to purchase handguns, and as soon as Iowa passed a carry law, Mom took her class and paid for her carry permit.  It was an easy process, as it should be for law abiding citizens.

Emily's ordeal in purchasing one gun will make you realize that there is not just one America for the citizens.  Emily made a list of seventeen separate steps she would have to perform, she had to take off repeatedly from her job to visit the city police, and she paid hundreds of dollars in fees to the city in order to buy her gun.  There was page after page of paperwork that had to be completed, and Emily had to leave D. C. to shop for guns, to learn how to shoot, and to purchase ammunition.  You can't do any of those things in the city that should be the seat of our liberty.  

Emily Gets Her Gun also documents the ongoing dirty tricks and strategies of the politicians who are working ceaselessly to deny the basic human right of self defense for Americans, and Emily introduces us to real Americans who have been abused by the system in Washington D. C. 

Emily spent four months of intensive effort to buy her first gun as a resident of the District of Columbia.  Contrast that with the state where you live.  I live in Illinois, which is generally considered to be an anti-gun state, due to the influence of Chicago at the far north end.  I took this photo to show most of the guns added to my collection over the course of one year.  This wouldn't have been possible in many parts of the country, and three of these garden-variety guns would be illegal in some places because of ten-round magazines.

Emily Miller has sounded an alarm with Emily Gets Her Gun, and she continues to beat the drum for Constitutional rights in her job at the Washington Times.  Go online and buy a hard copy, or electronic copy of this important book, and then follow Emily in the news for her latest updates.

Emily Gets Her Gun...And Obama Wants To Take Yours is published by Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, D. C.  Copyright 2013 by Emily Miller

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Cover Photo furnished by Regnery Publishing, Inc.

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