Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This Made My Day!

We got home late from a trip to St. Louis, and were greatly cheered to open this e-mail: "Recently I googled Marmon16 and your blog appeared. On your blog,there was a 1932 Marmon 16 that you photographed in Aug. 2011 on display in Pinckneyville, IL. That car belongs to my Dad. We live in Belleville. Recently Dad turned 89. I threw a surprise birthday party for him at Fischer's Restaurant. I wanted to incorporate a picture of his beloved Marmon on his birthday cake. I used your picture (attached) for the cake. I wanted to thank you for the nice article and pictures you took. If you ever want to see that car again, let me know."

 Here is a photo of the car. It's nice to make someone happy once in a while with this little blog.

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice!!!!!!