Thursday, January 30, 2014

Great Deals On Rugers, Benton, Illinois, Rural King Store
                                                           Ruger M77/44® Rotary Magazine Rifle

We all piled in the Explorer tonight and went to Benton to shop at the Rural King store.  They are having a big sale event this week, and one of the segments of that sale is 10% off all Ruger guns in the store.   You never know what to expect with sales until you spend some time shopping in a store, and I think you will be impressed with the Benton Rural King.  The Rugers in the rack and display cases still had the same prices they had before the sale, which are all below the suggested retail price.  The one that made me go weak in the knees was a 77/44 All Weather Rifle.  The suggested retail on this rifle is $969, Rural King's price is $649.95.  Take 10% off that with the sale, and your price before the Illinois sales tax is just $585!  This sale goes on through Saturday, so if you are in the market for a new Ruger, check it out.

We went there to shop for an air compressor.  I behaved myself and stuck to my shopping list, so that beautiful hog rifle is still in the rack waiting for you.

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