Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Milk And Bread Alerts

Sometimes we refer to the winter weather forecasts as "Milk and Bread Alerts" because you see unprepared folks rushing out to the stores to load up on groceries.  We live way out in the sticks, so we load up whenever we go to town, and rarely are caught short on supplies, and that goes double for firewood.  We work up firewood on the weekends except during hot summer weather.

We really don't like making wood in the snow, but it sure beats doing it in rain or mud.  You don't have to worry about ticks this time of year.  This snag was dried "on the hoof" and went right into the stack to burn.

 We have lots of tree top wood from the harvest last year, and the small to medium size pieces are dry enough to use straight out of the woods. 

Snow in Southern Illinois usually doesn't hang around for long, and one snowfall is usually gone before the next one rolls in.  The county roads are difficult to negotiate after a big snow event, because they are only bladed, and not salted.  I grew up driving on ice in Iowa, but I never have learned to enjoy it.  Most of my driving on back roads today was at 30 mph or less, especially on icy roads with a high crown. 

Skip is thinking, "Must we do this again?"

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