Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jack's Cadillac Doghouse

Jack must be part Malamute.  He pulls the bedding out on the porch and sleeps outside rather than go in his DogLoo.  He would go in the hut with HeyJoe when precip was falling, but after Joe died, we had a problem.  Jack refused to go in his DogLoo no matter how bad the weather turned.  We have been bringing him into the utility room for bad weather, but that is hard to manage, especially when we get snow on a regular basis.  'Long about Christmas I woke up from a dream, and had just built a doghouse for Jack.  Here is what I built in my sleep.

It's built out of rough lumber we bought for barn repairs, and it is all put together with screws.  The roofing is old tin from the stash in the barn, and it has a heat lamp inside to keep Jack warm on cold winter nights. I cheated and used plywood for the floor.

The roof was harder to move than the rest of the house, but it's all up on Jack's porch, and I'm hernia-free.  I spent half an hour introducing Jack to his new home.  He's a sucker for peanut butter biscuits.  The forecast is for snow tonight, so we will know in the morning if he accepts the new accommodations.


Anonymous said...

Once I had a dog like that. After the first heavy snow I thought he had run away - until a snowdrift got up & shook itself. Just no explaining it, is there?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

He slept under the porch last night...I will spend more time with him tonight