Sunday, March 22, 2015

Warmed Up A .22

It's been a long layoff from shooting our rifles, so I set up the gong at 100 yards today and gave it a workout with one of the 10/22's®. We have our Appleseed rifles zeroed at 25 meters, and I was guessing that they would hit about 5' low at 100 yards, so after the initial magazine I dialed it up 5.  That was pretty close, but 6 minutes up seemed pretty well perfect. It felt good to shoot again, and the rifle behaved well except for one magazine that needs to have the spring tightened up a bit. The last several groups are from sitting, and on the final one I emptied the magazine on one breath..


Merle Morrison said...

Those pasters sure give the target some "character" don't they?

What kind of ammo was that?

I've got to find an Appleseed that is close enough for my tired old car to make the trip!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Those were Remington Thunderbolts (99 cents a box!) Go Here:

I really like the turrets on our scopes. I watched the first magazine group, turned the elevation up 5 minutes, and was very close. You will see some hits on the shoulders, and that was from checking the elevation and readjusting.