Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting Ready For Appleseed

 Anyone who has attended an Appleseed event will recognize the pattern of our bullet holes.  The AQT has four stages, with four targets on the bottom, then three, two, and one large Red Coat at the top.  We also were shooting the Red Coat targets, and 1 inch squares.


Pattie had lots of quality time relearning how to shoot the various stages, and getting comfortable with her rifle and scope. Her time spent pistol shooting over the winter at the Carmi Rifle Club has really kept her sharp.

She started out a bit wobbly, but soon was keeping all her shots in the targets.  She impressed us more than you can know when we had her shoot the tiny Shingle rectangle from 25 meters. She hits it Every Time.

Pistol League tomorrow, and then another rifle practice on the weekend, and she should be ready to try for a Rifleman Patch.

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Merle Morrison said...

Once I get my car road-worthy I'm going to find (hopefully) an Appleseed I can attend.

Sounds like an absolute hoot!