Thursday, April 16, 2015

Buy-A-Gun-Day Purchase

What did you purchase to celebrate BAG Day?  We're claiming Susan's new rifle, Magnum Research's version of Ruger's 10/22; the MLR 1722.  I think the 17 is for the 17" barrel length. Susan thinks she may get to sneak out behind the barn with it tomorrow, so I'm going to give the action a quick clean and lube. Here are a couple photos.

Susan is using the trigger group from her Ruger 10/22 in this new rifle because we have modified it for ease of use. It has a Tactical Solutions magazine release lever, which is really handy during timed shoots with magazine changes, a modified bolt release, and a Voquartsen hammer. We checked the trigger pull, and it is right at 30 ounces. The trigger that came in the MLR 1722 is just over 3 pounds, so it is not quite a stock Ruger trigger. It is now in her old rifle, and we will leave it at 3 pounds. I just realized that this purchase made two consecutive guns we have purchased that are not Rugers. If you felt a disturbance in the Force or a tear in the Space/Time Continuum, blame us.

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Merle Morrison said...

Not all of my guns are Rugers either - the world will be just fine! :)