Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let's Drop A Rotten Cherry Tree

I was asked to drop this cherry tree for a couple reasons. The top was crooked and wide-spreading in two different directions, so the weight was hard to figure. It also had a large dead branch about 8 feet up, and the crew figured it might be rotten. I tapped the trunk with a hatchet, and you could tell that it was indeed punky, but the question remained; how rotten was it? The open face cut revealed the insides, and we were OK. The center 1/3 of the tree was punk, but we had 6 to 7 inches on both sides that were solid wood, so completing the drop would be safe. I wasn't sure about the balance on  the tree, so I put a wedge in the back cut for insurance. It tipped on its own when I cut it loose. Note the branch that broke loose out of the top, and how it spears the ground.

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