Monday, July 11, 2016

1937, Again?

We have all been taught that World War II began in 1939.  Historians tie it to Hitler's invasion of Poland, but there was much going on in the World before that.  This famous photo was taken at the Shanghai railroad station in 1937 shortly after a bombing raid by the Japanese that killed 1500.  There was much criticism of this photo at the time; people said it must have been staged.  The child's mother was one of the 1500 killed, and the father left with the child without photographer Wong getting his information.  It's real enough. Read The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang if you think World War II did not begin for another two years.

We have been seeing photos like this for several years now as Islam continues its march to eliminate Christianity and anything else it doesn't like.  Mohammed's minions are now well entrenched on our shores and the violence is encircling the globe in spite of the efforts to ignore it by news hacks and self-serving politicians.  At what point will it boil over?  Judging from history, it's bound to happen, and the pace of terrorist attacks continues unabated.

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Merle Morrison said...

Sooner or later it'll hit the fan, and I suspect it will be sooner.