Monday, December 26, 2016

Tuesday Torque: Bessemer Update

Gary Bahre has been fine-tuning the 8 HP upright Bessemer this winter.  The magneto drive gears were just a bit loose on their shafts, so a flywheel was removed, the gears came off, and new bushings were installed.

This view allows you to see the manual cut-in lock for the early 20th Century impulse mechanism on the magneto drive, and the ramps that are part of the governor actuating system. The rest of the governor mechanism is mounted on the flywheel.

The magneto on this engine has its own impulse for starting, so this impulse mechanism has been locked in the "run" position. The old spring doesn't have much snap left, anyhow.

Gary also took off the side plates and adjusted the rod shims now that the babbit rod bearing is broken in.  This  engine will run like a champ now, and it should start easier, too, with this magneto setup.  Gary is letting the gasket compound solidify this week, and he plans to fire it up on New Year's Day.

Photo Credit: Gary Bahre

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