Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Pleasant Note To End The Year

Gary Bahre has completed his finishing touches for the 8 HP vertical Bessemer, and he fired it up today.

It's been a long time coming! 1976...

1992; A yard ornament...

2014; The hard part begins!

Parts... (Gary Bahre photos)

Sleeved! (Gary Bahre photo)

New Rod! (Gary Bahre photo)

Almost Done, Pinckneyville, October 2015

Found on a farm in Lawrence County Kentucky in 1976, brought to Illinois in 1980, this engine held a mailbox by the side of the road from 1992 until 2014. Gary Bahre took it on as a project and has made a basket case run again. During this engine's working years it powered a sorghum press at Martha, Kentucky. It had water in it during a freeze, and the water jacket was broken. When we bought it there was a big, ugly brazing job holding the water jacket together. Gary Bahre cleaned that up so it hardly shows now. The farmer continued to use this engine until the rod broke; we guess sometime during the 1920's. It sat outside and rusted until I saw it in 1976 as I was going to a timber marking job at Martha. My wife and I went there after work, bought it from the son of the man who originally purchased and ran it, and we loaded it in the back of our AMC Rebel station wagon.

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