Thursday, December 1, 2016

Visiting Old Places

Most of my time during the last year was spent looking at tree plantings done over the last 25 years and writing new plans for them.  I haven't been back to many of these fields since I checked them after planting, and it is satisfying seeing a good looking young timber replacing a farm field that doesn't fit today's agriculture.

These pines and oaks are a project that repaired a worn out, eroded field in Wayne County, Illinois.  The fellow that planted these trees also planted a couple fields on his parent's farm, a few miles away.  I wrote up over a hundred projects like these over the last year, and more are showing up to do every week. I don't know how many trees I have helped people put in the ground, but one file drawer is nearly full of tree orders  from the last 28 years.

Getting back to this project; the man who planted these trees never got to enjoy them, and he comes to mind every time I go near this project.  He died in a house fire shortly after he planted them and that has always weighed on my mind.  He was just an average country boy who grew up on a farm and held down a job in addition to farming a bit. I called on his mother a few years back, and she was dressed up as if she was going to church.  She had fallen and actually broken a leg the night before.  She showered and dressed up, and she had me get her car out so she could drive herself to the hospital.  She wouldn't hear of me giving her a ride; she said she wasn't hurt that bad.  People's Good.

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Merle Morrison said...

Generally speaking country people are good people. They tend to be tough & self reliant, but that's not news to you.

There have been a few similar incidents that stuck in my mind; especially those old timers I didn't go see because I was short on time. For them, there wasn't a next time.