Sunday, August 13, 2017


Photo Credit: Sangamon County Animal Control, Springfield, Illinois.

This handsome young Schipperke showed up on the Internet. Communications were made, and Midwest Schipperke Rescue secured him.  The little dog was running loose in Springfield, and was caught by Animal Control. He is not chipped, and after eleven days nobody had come looking for him. I made a flying trip to Springfield, and then to the St. Louis area to leave him in quarantine at Midwest's vet. The staff at the pound named him Skippy, but there are a lot of Skippys out there in the Little Black Dog World, so he has been renamed Titan.

He seems to be a good dog. He is quiet when he travels, he behaves on the leash, sits by your side, and he appears to be healthy. If he gets a clean bill of health from the vet he will go into foster care and then adoption.


Merle Morrison said...

I gather you will be doing the adopting? :)


David aka True Blue Sam said...

It's too early to say. Midwest may have us foster him, or it could be one of the other volunteers. We have Koda and Bear right now, and when Bear is out of the woods on his heartworm treatment he will need his teeth cleaned. After that, Koda and Bear will be posted for adoption if Midwest doesn't already have a home lined up. The new one sure looks like a fine dog...

Koda and Bear like it here, but Koda has killed cats before he came here, and Bear is scared to death of cats, so they are not a good fit for us, even though we like them a lot. They have been here two months now and they have not had a single accident in their quarters. Of course, we carry them out to the dog yard regularly. They will be good family dogs for someone.