Wednesday, August 2, 2017

News Hacks' Code Words Explained By Colin Flaherty

Just in case you hadn't figured out all these terms...


Merle Morrison said...

sad to say, but I'm surprised that the PD doesn't deal with riots like they used to.
if enough "youths" are laying dead in the street I'd bet the rest will get the message. every time they get away with this crap just makes them bolder.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

They have no fear of police or the justice system. They don't have any fear of their victims until a weapon comes out. I think they will be riding a learning curve in the years ahead, because people aren't going to tolerate this crap. People are beginning to get the message about what is happening in our cities. Colin's videos are actually saving lives; making citizens aware of the danger out there. I feel really dumb that it took a break-in for me to realize that criminals are everywhere, and are ready to do their deeds.