Friday, May 24, 2019

Weekend Steam: Truckin' In The U.K.

You have to love steam lorries.  Don't you wish we had some of these on this side of the pond?!  Many thanks to Merle for spotting and screening!

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Sortahwitte said...

What a Friday night's entertainment! I loved all the vehicles. The trucks with their loads of people and/or cartage. The bus: what a jewel. And the sound of the engine! The Stanley "coffin nose" and the cars, I believe they were Bantams. I would truly love to see those sights in person, but realistically, my traveling days are over. Back in the 1980s if I remember correctly, there was a Foden steam lorry in Tulsa. A gentlemen, James Leake, one of the starters of the big collector car auction business, had gone to England and returned with the truck. A delightful sight amongst the steam traction engines, threshers, and large gas tractors of the Oklahoma prairie.