Thursday, August 6, 2020

Foster Schip Update

All three of the fosters at our house are ready to move on to a permanent home when the right matches are found.  Godiva would be quite happy to stay with us forever, and she fits in well with our dogs.  Someone, somewhere is a match for little Godiva, and they will have a great life together.  One of the neat things she has learned is to use the ramp to get up on the bed and back down. Our dogs are accustomed to jumping, and we got a ramp to keep them safe because of their age. Godiva knows nothing about jumping up on a bed, so the ramp was a natural path for her.  She loves to lie in patches of sunshine. She does not like rain or hot days.

Betty and Sisko are little firecrackers.  They had come in from playing a few minutes before this photo and went straight to their kennels to rest. Both of these dogs will need someone with plenty of energy. Sisko plays rough with Betty and he grabs her by a hind leg when they are wrestling.  Betty is smaller, but she can dish it right back and make Sisko back off when he gets too rough.  

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