Friday, December 28, 2007

The Bore Cut

The bore cut is a technique that every chainsaw operator needs to understand. It is used in creating a hinge, both for falling and in bucking trees. Your ability to perform this cut allows you to handle dangerous situations safely, such as falling a tree with forward weight or lean, without it splitting and making a barber chair. The key to doing a bore cut is to bury the nose of the bar with the attack corner. If you try to drive straight into the wood with the tip of the bar you WILL have a kickback. Burying the nose first makes it safe and easy. Watch the video a few times and you should be ready to go out and practice. Be sure to wear your safety gear. The next video in this series will demonstrate a kickback; check it out. Click on the label for chainsaws at the end of this post or in the sidebar to see other videos about chainsaw techniques.

A big Thank You to Engineering Johnson for his help with this video.

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